Mission Statement

To serve our members, our profession and our community by furthering fairness and civility in accessing, utilizing and supporting the Arapahoe County legal system.


To work with our bench and bar to preserve and promote Arapahoe County as a unique place to practice law in a culture of camaraderie, collegiality, competence, professionalism and mutual trust.


Martin P. Miller Lifetime Achievement Award

2024      David P. Hersh 
2022      Craig E. Wagner 
2019      Thomas J. Tomazin 
2018      Steve McBride 
2012      Hon. John P. Leopold 
2006      Robert Gallagher  
2002      Martin P. Miller 

Tommy D. Drinkwine Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year Award

In recognition of commitment to the improvement of our community, as well as enthusiastic service to clients, the public, and the Bar Association, this award was named posthumously for TOMMY D. DRINKWINE, the 1983 Recipient.

2024        Joel Zink 
2023     Emily Koekkoek
2022         Michael Mauro 
2020         Adam Hepp 
2019         Graham Hersh 
2018         Drew Fein 
2017         Amanda Eno 
2016         Courtney McConomy 
2015         Echo D. Ryan 
2014         Porya Mansorian 
2013         Mollie Hawes 
2012         Harry Budisidharta 
2011         Jake Eisenstein 
2010         Natalie Chase 
2010         Christina DiMaria 

2009         Bonnie McLean 
2008        Lori Hulbert 
2007         Benjamin Currier 
2006         Clarisse Gonzales 
2005         Barbara Johnson-Stern 
2004         Maureen Leif 
2003         Andrew Goertzel 
2002         Jennifer Poynter 
2001         Laura Trask 
2000         Rick Dindinger 
1999         Tamra Palmer 
1998         Christine Chauche 
1997         R. Lynne Slack 
1996         Hon. Dana E. Murray 
1994         Arthur C. Underwood 
1993         Michael P. Miller 

1991         Mary Hurley Stuart 
1990         Elizabeth A. McKeever  
1989         Linda F. Cohn 
1988         Pamela Gorden 
1987         Steven E. McBride 
1986         Robert G. Wilson, Jr. 
1985         John P. Leopold 
1984         Craig E. Wagner 
1983         Tommy D. Drinkwine 
1982         Michael F. DiManna 
1981         J. Mark Hannen 
1980         Edward B. Lee 
1979         Kenneth K. Stuart  
1977         Robert Hinds, Jr. 
1976      Ronald K. Griffith  

Charles B. Dillion Award of Merit

For extraordinary service in the public interest 

2024  Donald R. Knight 
2023       Hon. Thomas Henderson 
2022      Hon. Bonnie McLean 
2021      David P. Hersh 
2020      Virginia Robbins 
2019      Carolyn Gravit 
2018      Justice Carlos A. Samour, Jr. 
2017      Hon. Michael Roche 
2016      Hon. John Madden, IV 
2015      Hon. Angela R. Arkin 
2014      James Peters 
2013      Paul A. Prendergast 

2012      Natalie T. Chase 
2011      Ric N. Morgan 
2010        David J. Stevens 
2009        Peter A. Hedeen 
2008        Michael P. Miller 
2007        David Schott 
2006        Kerry S. Hada 
2005        Robert J. Truhlar 
2004        Wadine Gehrke                                 & Margaret Walker 
2003        Lucy Hojo Denson 
2002        Barbara Chamberlain 
2001        Frances C. Fontana 
2000        Richard N. Graham 
1999 Linda N. Suttle 
1998 Craig Wagner
1997 Doris Truhlar
1996       Joe Kutler 
1995       Carol Essex 
1996        Forrest W. Lewis 
1993        Thomas J. Burns 
1992        Rumi Engineer 
1993        Arapahoe County                             Advocates for Children 
1994        Mary E. Wenrich 
 1989      Marvin W. Foote 

Raymond C. Frenchmore Juvenile Law Award

For outstanding service to the Juvenile Justice System

2024      Jonathan LeCount
2023      Garett Bolles
2022      Timothy J. Eirich
2021      Shelly Sack
2020      Michael Valentine
2019      Hon. Beth Elliott-Dumler
2018      Sarah Ericson
2017      Rebecca Gleason
2016      Ranee Sharshel
2015      Angela M. Brant
2014      Jeffery Timlin
2013      Hon. Alex R. Bencze

2012      Tamra J.S. White 
2011      Cherryl J. Workman
2010      Mag. Rebecca Moss
2009      Pamela Gorden Wakefield
2008      Claire Holmes
2007      John Abeyta
2006      Linda Baumgartner
2005      Andrew Lutz
2004      Hon. Christine Chauche
2003      Hon. Cheryl L. Post
2002      Patricia Ann Schwartz

2001 Donna Hinds
2000      Helen Coulson 
1999      Hon. Juanita Rice
1998      Valentina Herrera
1997      Addison “Spike” Adams 
1996      Peggy Rudden              
1994      Paul Poole 
1993      Frank Minkner 
1992      Child Advocacy & Family
               Resource Project of the 18th JD

Birth of the Bar

Birth of the Bar click to watch

Watch the Birth of the Bar video which was created to celebrate the ACBA's 35th anniversary. The ACBA is now in its 66th year... much has changed, but we still have amazing members. Please enjoy this 30-minute video as we honor our members who built this association.


The history and growth of the Arapahoe County Bar Association are linked to the origin and growth of Colorado's 18th Judicial District. Originally, Arapahoe County was part of the 1st Judicial District, which also included the Counties of Adams, Jefferson, Clear Creek, and Gilpin. In 1959, the 18th Judicial District was created, and Arapahoe County was included in the new district, along with Douglas, Elbert, and Lincoln Counties.

In the latter 1950's, prior to the formal founding of the Arapahoe County Bar Association, a group of attorneys from Arapahoe County decided to get together to look into the possibility of forming a separate bar association from that of the 1st Judicial District. Those attending those early meetings, among others, were Martin P. Miller (then one of the 1st Judicial District Judges, who in 1959 resigned the position to become Arapahoe County District Attorney), Richard D. Greene (later a District Judge), and John Fitzpatrick (then Arapahoe County Judge), as well as Richard Simon, Earl Hower, Bob Long, Horatio Ramsey, Dave Hahn, Harry Carleno, Harvey Wallace, Glenn Helfer, William Hart, Walter Erwin, Richard Graham, James Turre, and soon-to- be District Judges Harold H. Harrison, Robert B. Lee, and later Robert F. Kelley.

The Arapahoe County Bar Association was officially founded in 1958 when it became an affiliate of the Colorado Bar Association. At that time, it consisted of forty-one (member) attorneys and judges. By 1965, the membership had more than doubled to 102. In 1979, under the direction of Edward B. Lee, the ACBA was incorporated as a Colorado non-profit corporation. Its membership has continued to grow dramatically, and currently it has over 1,000 members.

The ACBA is governed by its fourteen-member Board of Directors, which consists of four officers (President, President-elect, Treasurer, and Secretary), the immediate Past President and nine Board members. Officers serve one-year terms, and Board members serve two-year terms. The Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis to discuss the activities of the Association. In addition, the chairs of the sixteen ACBA committees are invited to attend the Board meetings.

Kimberly Imamura is the Executive Director (beginning July 2015) and serves in an advisory capacity to the officers, Board members, and committee chairs. The executive director manages the day-to-day operations of the Association.

The main activities of the Association include monthly meetings, continuing legal programs, community service and public education projects, and bench/bar activities. Major yearly activities include the Judges' meeting with honors the judiciary, the Law Day Luncheon, an out of state trip which combines educational and social activities for members and families, a holiday party, and the Annual Meeting in June, which includes the golf tournament, election of officers, and award presentations. The Association presents three annual awards -- the Tommy D. Drinkwine Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year Award, the Charles Dillion Public Service Award, and the Raymond Frenchmore Award for outstanding service to the juvenile justice system.

The ACBA also works cooperatively with other organizations in the legal community. In particular, the ACBA has a history of close working relationship with the judges and administration of the 18th Judicial District for the purpose of promoting accessibility of the justice system. The ACBA takes pride in the fact that it was a compelling influence in the construction of the new Arapahoe County Justice Center which opened in 1989. In addition, the ACBA sends five representatives to the Colorado Bar Association's Board of Governors, and also has representatives on the governing boards of the Metropolitan Lawyer Referral Service, and the Metropolitan Volunteer Lawyers (formerly the Thursday Night Bar Association.) In the past, the ABA has assisted the Colorado Supreme Court with public education projects in area high schools; it has provided volunteers to the Help Center 4 Ask-Lawyer Program, and assisted the Colorado Bar Association with its high school mock trial program. These activities promote the ACBA's goals of promoting public legal education, equal access to the justice system, and the highest professionalism among members of the bar.


The Arapahoe County Bar Association is a non-profit, organization for legal professionals that is dedicated to serving nearly 1,000 members in the Denver Metro area.

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